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Waiting list and Deposit
I receive numerous inquiries as to the size of my "waiting list", or the approximate time it may take for a client to receive a puppy from me. I am no longer keeping a "waiting list".

I now require either a "Spot Deposit" of $100 BEFORE the puppies are born or a $500 holding fee (after puppies are born and I know which puppy (ies) will be available)

The people that have secured a puppy with a spot deposit will be notified in the order in which I received their deposit. 

This helps in many ways in weeding out the "looky-loos" or "window shoppers". I receive far too many inquiries wanting to be placed on a "waiting list" and then I never hear back from them. The deposit lets me know who is serious and I only take deposits for the number of puppies I have available so you know that you will be receiving a puppy. If in the unfortunate and unforeseen event that something happens to the puppy before it is ready to leave, I will, of course, refund your deposit in full. 


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