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Waiting list and Deposit
I am constantly receiving inquiries as to the size of my "waiting list", or the approximate time it will take before I have puppies available. I am no longer keeping a "waiting list".

I now require either a "Spot Deposit" of $100 BEFORE the puppies are born or a $500 Holding Fee (after puppies are born and I know which puppy (ies) will be available)

The people that have placed a "Spot Deposit" on a puppy will be notified in the order in which I received their deposit once any available puppies have been priced at around 6-7 weeks of age. 

This helps in me not have a huge list of people to contact and then find out that they found a puppy already, or now is not a good time for us to get a puppy, etc. I receive far too many inquiries wanting to be placed on a "waiting list" and then I never hear back from them. The Spot Deposit tells me who is serious. I only take Spot Deposits for the number of puppies I have available so you know that you will be receiving a puppy from the litter or litters I currently have BUT a Spot Deposit also gives that person the right to pass and wait for the next available litter if there was no puppy in my current litter(s) that they were interested in. You can choose to wait UP TO 1 YEAR from when you placed the Spot Deposit. If something were to happen to the puppy that you've chosen while in my care, before it is ready to leave, I will either immediately refund your deposit in full or you could also choose to wait and choose a puppy from my upcoming litter(s) but that choice will be up to you.


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